Source Themes

An Empirical Study of Developer Discussions on Low-Code Software Development Challenges

In this literature, we present an empirical study of around 5K SO posts (questions + accepted answers) that contain discussions of nine popular LCSD platforms. We find that most of the questions are related to the development phase, and low-code developers also face challenges with automated testing. Our study findings offer implications for low-code practitioners, platform providers, educators, and researchers.

Quality Assurance Challenges for Machine Learning Software Applications During Software Development Life Cycle Phases

In this literature, we conduct an in-depth literature review of a large volume of research papers that focused on the quality assurance of ML models. We developed a taxonomy of MLSA quality assurance issues by mapping the various ML adoption challenges across different phases of SDLC. We provide recommendations and research opportunities to improve SDLC practices based on the taxonomy. This mapping can help prioritize quality assurance efforts of MLSAs where the adoption of ML models can be considered crucial.

A comprehensive survey on Security and Privacy threats of Bluetooth Low Energy in IoT and Wearable devices

In this survey paper, we have presented a complete taxonomy of security and privacy issues of BLE. We have presented possible attack scenarios for different types of vulnerabilities, classified them according to their severity, and listed possible mitigation techniques.

An approach towards greening the digital display system

In this literature, we have devised a novel approach for reducing power consumption of digital signage as well as satisfying human visibility by exploiting duty cycle.

Undergraduate Thesis: Simulation Study of Vehicular Mobility in City Streets

In this thesis work, the stochastic properties of vehicular mobility models in city has been proposed and validated by popular simulator VANETSim which run simulation on real street map data.