Quality Assurance Challenges for Machine Learning Software Applications During Software Development Life Cycle Phases

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In the past decades, the revolutionary advances of Machine Learning (ML) have shown a rapid adoption of ML models into software systems of diverse types. Such Machine Learning Software Applications (MLSAs) are gaining importance in our daily lives. As such, the Quality Assurance (QA) of MLSAs is of paramount importance. Several research efforts are dedicated to determining the specific challenges we can face while adopting ML models into software systems. However, we are aware of no research that offered a holistic view of the distribution of those ML quality assurance challenges across the various phases of software development life cycles (SDLC). This paper conducts an in-depth literature review of a large volume of research papers that focused on the quality assurance of ML models. We developed a taxonomy of MLSA quality assurance issues by mapping the various ML adoption challenges across different phases of SDLC. We provide recommendations and research opportunities to improve SDLC practices based on the taxonomy. This mapping can help prioritize quality assurance efforts of MLSAs where the adoption of ML models can be considered crucial.

(under review) In 2021 IEEE International Conference on Autonomous Systems (ICAS)*
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