An approach towards greening the digital display system

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Signage display, which is used to convey message or information, has evolved from conventional to digital display. Conventional signage which may be hand written or printed papers are being wiped out by digital displays used by industries because of its attractive features of efficient involvement of consumers. However, extensive use of digital signage displays contributes a notable amount of power consumption (about 1000W for a 14inch × 48inch display) of a region. In this literature, we have devised a novel approach for reducing power consumption of digital signage as well as satisfying human visibility by exploiting duty cycle. Our proposed technique is capable of relinquishing a significant amount (about 14.54% in comparison with existing display system) of power consumption occurred by digital display by keeping an eye on expected human vision.

In 4th International Conference on Networking, Systems and Security (NSysS)
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Md Abdullah Al Alamin
Md Abdullah Al Alamin
Graduate Research Assistant at Data Intensive Software Analytics Lab (DISA)

My research interests include Software Engineering, Software Security, Adversarial Machine Learning.